Los Angeles Santa Cecilia Celebration

(Tuesday, November 26, 2002)

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Playing a few songs for everyone before the mass

Mass begins with the telling of the story of Santa Cecelia
...with mariachi as the actors

The blessing of the mariachis & their instruments

The music continues as various groups play on the stage, and the mariachis & guests eat

Humberto Herrera y Luis Casillas

The beautiful murals around the Mariachi Plaza

CLICK on the following links to see the mini-movies

Beginning of the march, the mariachis start playing [672kb]

alternating with the banda [304kb]

Back at the starting point with Jesusita en Chihuahua [672kb]

The mass goes on and continues [432kb] [728kb]

The priest blesses the musicians [392kb]

Ending with what else? La Negra [384kb]

...and the festivities continue as I leave the plaza. [320kb]

The End, I hope you all enjoyed it, till next year!! -- Sylvia

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